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Diving in Phuket: the Diving Pearl of Thailand

If Thailand is the pearl of the South, Phuket can be considered the pearl of Thailand, at least as far as diving is concerned. A diving holiday in Thailand is incomplete without visiting the magnificent diving locations of Phuket..

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Diving Courses Phuket: What you need to know

Amateur or beginner divers might already have looked up diving courses in Phuket and encountered several types of certifications and courses offered there. Among the course lists, one will meet on the Internet or through word of mouth is.

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Phuket Diving: Top 3 Diving Day Tours!

Phuket is the first name that comes to most minds when diving in Thailand is mentioned. With so many options to choose from, a visitor new to the country and region might be confused. However, with this guide, one.

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PADI Diving Courses in Phuket, Thailand

As in various sports, the key to the full enjoyment of scuba diving is the right preparation, and practicing safe methods before, throughout, and after the dive. Phuket has an excellent safety record, and we hope you will enhance.

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