Diving in Phuket: the Diving Pearl of Thailand

Diving in Phuket: the Diving Pearl of Thailand

If Thailand is the pearl of the South, Phuket can be considered the pearl of Thailand, at least as far as diving is concerned. A diving holiday in Thailand is incomplete without visiting the magnificent diving locations of Phuket.

For families, experienced divers and beginners alike, there is everything for everyone in Phuket. One can either take the longer boat trip up the coast that takes a few days or go for the simpler day trips. Regardless of one’s preferences, here are the dive location options available in Phuket.

Diving in Phuket: Making a dream come true

The Anemone reef is so named because of its immense mass of gorgeous blue and green anemones covering this underwater limestone spectacle. It features an underwater rock which rises almost 30 meters from the sea, ending just below the surface, and is often called by its Thai name Hin Jom, which means the submerged rock. The rock then drops suddenly, to a bottom filled with sand and oyster shells.

A dream come true

Diving in Phuket is a real dream come true, what with diving sites like Racha Noi, the uninhabited tropical island. Surrounded by hard coral reefs, Racha Noi has huge underwater granite boulders which descend all the way down to the bottom. This is one of the best Phuket dive locations; it has excellent visibility and an impressive array of fish on offer. Divers have a good chance of seeing manta rays and even the occasional white shark.


The King Cruiser wreck is another site that every diver must visit. In May 1997, the 87 meter King Cruiser ferry stayed several meters on a routine trip from Phuket to the Phi-Phi islands and hit the Anemone reef. The ferry ended up sinking near the reef, thankfully without any losses of life to the 500 people who were on board.

The sunken ferry has continued to serve the local population, though, becoming one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is home to thousands of fish and fish species and offers a fascinating dive experience. However, absolute beginners are sometimes advised to stay away given the fragile nature of the wreckage.

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