The Best Diving Holidays Plans in Phuket, Thailand

South East Asia has been steadily rising as a force in various sectors of the world, from business to sport; however, one thing that has always remained constant is the beauty that countries in this region offer. Thailand particularly, has a rich array of cultural and natural offerings, as well as the convenience of a modern developing country, making it one of the top holiday destinations not only in South East Asia but the world over.

Any holiday in South East Asia, though, should not be considered complete without a visit to the deep seas. A diving holiday in Thailand is a guaranteed life changer.

Best Diving Thailand: Phuket

One of the premier diving locations in Thailand is Phuket. Typically, the peak seasons for diving are between November and April. However, in Phuket, tourists interested in diving should not worry because there are day boats or private boat which operate all year round.

Best dive locations in Phuket

Phuket has dramatic yet beautiful scenery and diving locations which are to die for. The seas around Ko Phi Phi make Phuket the ideal base for land-based diving holidays. It has such breathtaking dive sites as the Koh Dok Mai, which is a vertical wall that falls up to 30 meters.

Other popular dive points in Phuket include Shark Point, so named because of the sharks there. It also has the impressive Anemone Reef, which has marine sanctuary status and is the location of the King Cruiser. The King Cruiser was an 86-meter ferry which sank in 1977. Let’s discover the Andaman Scuba Diving dream in Phuket.

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