Discovering the Andaman Scuba Diving Paradise

Discovering the Andaman Scuba Diving Paradise

What you need to know about Andaman scuba diving

Everyone who has visited the Andaman comes back with a story to tell, one which tells of a magnificent location with stunning coral reefs and marine life, pristine beaches, and swimming elephants. The underwater collection of wildlife is impressive, to say the least, and the people are friendly and authentic. But why rely on the experiences and stories of other people? To learn all aboutAndaman scuba diving, a personal experience is the best teacher.

Learn all about the Andaman Sea 


Typically, in this region, the peak season for diving is between November and April. In May, the second-week ushers in the monsoon season and with the unpredictable weather, a diving experience will be unpleasant. The best time to experience all about Andaman Scuba diving is between February and March. The periods between June and September are wet months, and although the boat rides are unpleasant, there is still the occasional spectacular underwater condition.

Water conditions

Diving in the Andaman sea is extremely comfortable, what with the water temperatures always staying between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. However, visibility and currents vary widely. Depending on the weather and the dive site, visibility can range from 5 to 40 meters, and the currents range from weak to strong.

The available wildlife

To discover all about Andaman scuba diving and what makes this location so great, one will have to go deeper than the typical diving site. In the past few years, the site has been affected primarily by global warming. Although recovery is ongoing, it is unlikely that one will find a lot under 18 meters. This means divers have to go deeper to experience the best, and it is worth it. The dives are exciting, with manta rays, turtles, groupers, octopus and white tip reef sharks. The existing dive spots have thrilled divers for years, yet there still are many undiscovered sites that an experienced diver might want to explore.

Even beginners need not worry about certification to explore all about Andaman scuba diving. There are tours for both experienced and novice divers, as well as classes and certification to help them enjoy their dive experience.

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