The best of Diving in Asia : Phuket

The best of Diving in Asia: Phuket

For families, experienced divers or the beginner that wish to try Diving in Asia, Phuket is perhaps the best diving holiday location in Thailand. Whether one is looking for the liveaboard trips up the country’s coast, or only looking to take shorter day trips for day-based diving from one of the many resorts in the area, one thing is for sure in Phuket; there is no shortage of options.

Best Diving in Asia

Racha Noi for many is the best of the local Phuket diving sites. Here, one gets the best of the Similans, with the dramatic scenery of the large granite boulders. These provide a dramatic yet constantly changing landscape. However, it is not the coral formations that is the biggest attraction, but the impressive collection of fish one is likely to encounter here, with such species as manta rays, tuna, and jacks that are abundant here.

Let’s Meet Some Sharks

Shark Point is another excellent site, but the name is often misleading to many. It is named so because of the leopard sharks one might encounter here, and the occasional bamboo shark. However, Shark Point’s best offering is the natural coral formation. It also has an important allocation of fish, including Putter fish, Boxfish, and angelfish.

King Cruiser is Waiting For You

At around 32 meters is the impressive King Cruiser ferry wreckage. The King Cruiser sank in 1997 without any losses of life and has continued to serve the local population, providing an unexpected bonus regarding tourist attractions.

It provides shelter for thousands of fish. However, absolute beginners should be warned that the depth, currents and the fragile state of the wreckage make this location incredible.

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